Vote to Reform Private Property Rights in Virginia

On November 6, Virginians will have the opportunity to change Virginia law to make it unconstitutional for local governments and other condemning authorities to engage in eminent domain abuse.

Virginia Ballot Question 1 does the following:

  • Declares property rights to be fundamental
  • Prevents the General Assembly from changing the definition of “public use” from session to session
  • Allows the possibility of lost access or lost profits compensation
  • Explicitly disclaims economic development, increased jobs or taxes as public uses
  • Puts the burden on government to prove a public use

Roads, schools, courthouses and public utilities will still be built in the Commonwealth—but eminent domain abuse would be a thing of the past.

In an election year full of partisan politics, Question 1 is an issue all Virginians (and Americans) can support! Indeed, it has already been endorsed by the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Washington Examiner, Virginian Pilot and Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star.

If approved by voters, Virginia will become the 12th state to pass a constitutional amendment that bans eminent domain abuse.