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With a simple click of the mouse, you can learn more about eminent domain abuse. Explore these links to find the Institute for Justice’s detailed accounts of Kelo v. City of New London and other property rights cases, resources published by think tanks and other organizations fighting condemnation for private development, published interviews with the experts and a vast array of other useful information.

Political Cartoons

Institute for Justice Resources

A False Sense of Security: The Potential for Eminent Domain Abuse in Washington: by William R. Maurer; published by Washington Policy Center (December 2006)

IJ’s Kelo Case Central: Official site for the U.S. Supreme Court Case Kelo vs. the City of New London.

State Supreme Court Rulings On Eminent Domain for Private Development (Map)

Congressional Testimony: Statement of Dana Berliner, Senior Attorney, Institute for Justice
(September 7, 2005)

Congressional Testimony: Testimony of Steven Anderson, Castle Coalition Coordinator
House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection (October 19, 2005)

Institute for Justice Eminent Domain Cases

Multimedia (Video, Audio and Flash)

Music Download: “Preeminent Domain” Performed by The Fenwicks. Words and Music by Steven Schub; Produced by Jon Marshall Smith; Shake & The Plough Publishing 2007

Music Download: “Song for the People of Beachfront North.” Written and recorded by Ryan Doyle of Long Branch, NJ (mp3)

Left Without a Home: Geraldo at Large (October 6, 2006)

Private Property / Public Gain; The Battle over Eminent Domain: Interactive Feature by the Asbury Park Press

Ohio Supreme Court Oral Argument With Dana Berliner Streaming Video: Scroll Down to Jan. 11, 2006 and click “City of Norwood v. Horney et al., Case nos. 2005-1210 and 2005-1211”

Eminent Domain and the Aftermath of Kelo v. City of New London: An Interview with Chip Mellor (Audio File)
(PERC, 2005)

News, Editorials, Interviews and Op-eds

Focus on Economic Development
Privatization Watch (Vol. 30 No. 5 2007)

Condemned prosperity: The use of eminent domain for private development may benefit district communities, but it blights the overall economy
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (March 2006)

The Taking of Prosperity? Kelo vs. New London and the Economics of Eminent Domain
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (January 2007)

The Cost of Kelo: Contrary to last year’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling, using eminent domain to foster economic development diminishes the public good
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (June 2006)

Eminent Domain Abuse in Minnesota: Bench & Bar Article by IJ’s Nick Dranias
(August 2005)

The Supreme Assault on Private Property: An Interview with Scott Bullock
(The New Individualist, Fall, 2005)

Interview with Dana Berliner: The U.S. Supreme Court’s Holding in Kelo v. City of New London: An Interview that Reveals an Insider’s Perspective.

Websites Devoted to Eminent Domain

Virginia Institute Study: The Real Story of Eminent Domain in Virginia: The Rise, Fall, and Undetermined Future of Private Property Rights in the Commonwealth

PLF on Eminent Domain Blog
Hosted by the Pacific Legal Foundation

Articles on Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
Heartland Institute

Eminent Domain Resource Center: Eminent domain resource from the Reason Public Policy Institute.

Political Cartoons: Is news about eminent domain abuse nationwide frustrating you? Well, how about some witty humor and a few laughs? Check out what cartoonists across the country have to say (and draw!) about eminent domain for private gain.

Eminent Domain, Private Property, And Redevelopment: An Economic Development Analysis Academic paper published by the Reason Foundation
(February 2005)

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