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Join the Castle Coalition.

Check out our Eminent Domain Abuse Survival Guide.

Learn more about eminent domain abuse.

Other things you can do to fight eminent domain abuse in your community:

Get an ordinance passed in your town.  Present our model language at the next council meeting and encourage your representatives to take a stand against eminent domain abuse.

Write a Letter to the Editor.  Respond to an article in your local paper using this lesson from our Survival Guide .  The best letters are short, typically around 150 words, making one or two points in clear, attention-getting language. Search for the letters editor of your local paper here to get started now!

Set-up a table at a local event.  Distribute information about eminent domain abuse at a local fair or event.  This is a great way to raise awareness in your community.

Pass out brochures in your neighborhood.  Contact us for free materials.

Organize a rally or community event.  Rallying and meeting with your neighbors is an effective way to protest and show solidarity against eminent domain abuse.  Contact Christina for more information.