City, biz owners lawyer up over Willets

A group of Willets Point business owners and the city have been locked in a legal arms race over the last two months, anticipating a potential fight as the city moves toward the start of the approval process for a multibillion-dollar redevelopment of the area known as the Iron Triangle.

Lawsuit calls urban renewal plan a sham

The city government allowed itself to be used as a “Trojan Horse” for a nonprofit group’s effort to acquire valuable properties on the Christina Riverfront at discount prices, according to a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Chancery Court.

Linden signatures sought to save 1882 Linwood Inn

If the dollars don’t make sense for the city, a South Wood Avenue business that has transformed itself from a “shot and beer place” into a family restaurant could be allowed to remain in a neighborhood slated for redevelopment.

Rowan Blvd. worries some

As the borough forges ahead with plans for Rowan Boulevard, some residents have raised concerns over how properties are being acquired to make way for redevelopment and are left wondering just how safe their homes are.

Rosemount divided over new project with old look

A group called “Save Rosemount” sees it as an abomination. Among their reasons: The need to exercise the city’s power of eminent domain to acquire one parcel, and the substitution of rentals for condos once the condo market went sour.

Glassboro group seeks to battle eminent domain

Fifteen residents have formed Glassboro United, a loosely knit citizens’ group with the initial intent to help residents protect themselves from being forced to sell their property through eminent domain to make way for redevelopment.

Auto shop owner still fighting council

Businessman Ed Osborne told City Council on Thursday he has found the smoking gun in his quest to prove that a possible attempt by the city to take his property using eminent domain would be illegal.

Delays stall buyouts for Richmond Heights neighbors

“All we do is wait, we have waited for years,” said Carolyn Troupe, a longtime resident. “Our lives are on hold. How do you make plans?”