City Panel Approves Columbia’s Plan for Expansion in Harlem

After a tumultuous and bitter meeting replete with heckling, the New York City Planning Commission voted yesterday to approve Columbia University’s much-debated plan for a 17-acre campus expansion in Harlem. The plan now goes to the City Council, which is expected to modify it before giving final approval.

Shulman expects battle in court for Willets Pt.

Former Borough President Claire Shulman continued her cross-borough tour in support of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Willets Point redevelopment plan Monday night, telling the Queens Civic Congress she expects a legal battle to take place, but does not believe eminent domain will be used by the city.

Blighted homes in Ozark to remain so, for now

More than three years of frustration will continue for homeowners in Ozark who on Monday had high hopes of leaving blight behind.

Eminent domain foe dies, but her spirit endures

In 1960, Anna and Antone DeFaria plunked down $6,400 for their American dream, a tiny seaside bungalow in historic Long Branch. Though small by today’s standards, their home served the DeFarias well, faithfully sheltering them and their children from the cold winds of the Atlantic and the cold winds of life.

Columbia Critics Claim Conflict Of Interest

Among the many controversies and complexities involved in Columbia University’s plan to expand its campus into West Harlem, a fight over the flow of information has emerged that may set a precedent for public development struggles to come.

Fear of eminent domain grips PG hamlet

Residents of a working-class neighborhood near the New Carrollton Metro station say Prince George’s County is trying to bring the area into a sweeping redevelopment project that could replace their homes with high-end condos, shopping and restaurants.

Activist group mourns a mentor

“Miss Ann,” as she was known to the young people who live in the Marine Terrace, Ocean Terrace and Seaview Avenue area where residents are fighting the city’s attempts to take their homes by eminent domain, was a role model and mentor for many.

St. Louis Attacking Free Speech, Property Rights

In a double blow to free speech and property rights, the city of St. Louis is not only threatening to take an entire neighborhood for private development—it wants to censor a powerful and highly visible mural protesting the city’s eminent domain abuse and building support for reform.

Redevelopment plan draws debate

What was meant to be an educational presentation to the County Commission for the Clarksville Center Redevelopment Plan turned into a debate about nearly the entire downtown area being deemed as “blighted.”