ATTENTION: Long Beach, Calif. Residents!

Do you own a home, small business or church in Long Beach?

Cities across California use eminent domain to condemn perfectly fine homes, businesses and churches to give to private developers. Eminent domain is supposed to be used for public use, things like roads and schools – not luxury condos and upscale retail.

The City of Long Beach recently renewed its power of eminent domain in North Long Beach. There are three other similar active areas (see second page of flyer, below, for maps).

Whether or not your live in one of these areas, it is critical that you learn how you can protect your home, small busienss or church.

Join Long Beach Citizens Against Eminent Domain Abuse

and the Institute for Justice this

Tuesday, March 30 @ 7pm

Glad Tidings Church • 1900 E. South Street, Long Beach

to learn how you can help change Long Beach’s law so what you’ve worked so hard to own can’t be condemned for wealthy developers.

Free refreshments and materials will be provided.

Help us spread the word and download our flyer to distribute in your community!

Questions? Contact Marilyn Arvizo at (562) 984-9244 or, or Christina Walsh with the Institute for Justice at (703) 682-9320 or

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