A Developer in Need of a Pep Rally and other news

New York: The Atlantic Yards Project stalled a while back; in an interesting development, developer Bruce Ratner is holding a rally to support the return of professional sports to Brooklyn. Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn is a bit perplexed as well but reads between the lines.

California: On Tuesday, voters chose less protection for property owners when a majority voted “Yes” for Prop. 99 over Prop.98. Although Prop. 99 only protects owner-occupied residences owned for more than a year, Baldwin Park’s redevelopment project will test whether or not that is actually true. Meanwhile, proponents for comprehensive eminent domain reform in the state are turning back to the legislature to get protection for business owners, farmers, renters and all other property owners in the state.

Texas: 95% of public officials who responded to the Texas Farm Bureau’s eminent domain survey say they would support a definition of “public use” that “prohibits the condemnation of private property for economic development.”

Hawaii: The city of Honolulu has plans for transit-oriented development. Officials have designated 200 homes and businesses “blighted” putting them under threat of eminent domain.

Delaware: Last week, a Chancery Court judge ordered that the property owners’ suit against the city of Wilmington can procede in spite of the city’s attempts to have it dismissed.