San Pablo Postpones Decision on Eminent Domain

The San Pablo City Council has postponed its decision on whether to reauthorize its authority to use eminent domain in two expired redevelopment areas that cover over 90 percent of the city. Before the last public hearing, San Pablo Against Eminent Domain organized a huge rally against the proposal where hundreds of concerned property owners protested the abuse of eminent domain. Even more attended the public hearing to voice their objections. The repeated delays by the council seem to be a result of the public pressure heaped upon them by local residents.

San Pablo residents formed the new group a few months ago when the Castle Coalition reached out to property owners upon learning of the city’s plans. Christina Walsh spoke at a community meeting in March, and with her help, local property owners formed San Pablo Against Eminent Domain—a critical step in stopping the city’s plan. The group has continued to grow in numbers since then.

Be sure to check out the group’s website,, for information on upcoming rallies and public hearings.