Documentary on Eminent Domain to Air in Seattle on PBS

Greetings from Asbury Park will be airing on Seattle’s local PBS station January 22 at 12PM! This compelling documentary details the effects of eminent domain abuse on a community—a familiar story to so many of you.

The film has already gained national exposure from airing on several local stations across the country. It tells the incredible saga of 91-year-old Angie Hampilos, who learns that her seaside home of more than fifty years has been targeted for seizure by eminent domain.

The reason? City officials and private developers thought her property could be “better utilized” by luxury condominiums. Not only her home, but an astonishing 56 acres of private homes were slated for the wrecking ball. By combining rare archival footage, home videos, and intimate conversations with local residents and property owners, the film documents the greed of city officials in their quest for more tax revenue.

You may also consult your local listings for a complete broadcast schedule. For additional information about the film, visit