Corona City Officials Plan Extension of Eminent Domain Power

Property owners in Corona, California, should be on the guard. City officials have a trick up their sleeve.

The city council recently proposed an extension of their power to use eminent domain for another 12 years in the downtown area. Hundreds of businesses could potentially be threatened with eminent domain in the future if the council follows through with their sneaky agenda. As we’ve seen time and again, they claim that this extension of authority does not mean they intend to use eminent domain; they merely think it’s a good “tool” to have in their toolbox for the future. But if they don’t plan to use the tool, then why do they want the tool in the first place?

City officials all across the country have tried this trick. First they give themselves the authority of eminent domain while promising to never use it. Then after a little time they mysteriously see the need to use eminent domain where they didn’t see the need before.

Property owners in Corona, beware.

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