Missouri Citizens: Report Eminent Domain Abuse to Ombudsman

From Anthony Martin, Missouri’s Ombudsman for Property Rights:


St. Louis- Missouri is nationally recognized as one of the worst states in America for eminent domain abuse. Are you a victim? Have you received a “notice of acquisition” letter from a condemning agency or been verbally threatened with the use of eminent domain? Do you want to end to eminent domain abuse in Missouri?

If so, the Office of the Ombudsman for Property Rights wants to know your story. Please send us a copy of your notice of acquisition letter and a photo of your property to the Missouri Ombudsman for Property Rights. If you don’t have your official letter, send any official documentation you do have regarding the abusive use of eminent domain on your property. If you have been unofficially threatened, please provide a written description of the situation.

The Office of the Ombudsman for Property Rights is officially charged with documenting the use of eminent domain within our state and any issues associated with its use. Because eminent domain abuse is a problem that thrives in secrecy, the Office of the Ombudsman seeks to bring such “issues” to the attention of as many Missourians as possible. For that, we need your help. Protect your home. Protect your neighbor’s home. Speak out against eminent domain abuse.

For more information on eminent domain in Missouri, please visit http://www.eminentdomain.mo.gov/, or call 314-340-4877.

Please direct all documentation to:

Anthony Martin

Ombudsman for Property Rights

The State of Missouri

111 North 7th Street, Suite 934

St Louis, MO 63101