Kelo: Three Years Later


Over at Reason, IJ Senior Attorney Scott Bullock provides a summary of what’s happened in the three years since the Kelo decision:

This significant public opposition to eminent domain abuse has led to a complete change in the Zeitgeist on the issue. While public officials, planners, and developers in the past could keep the condemnations for private gain under the public’s radar and thus usually get away with the seizure of homes and small businesses, that is no longer the case. Property law expert Dwight Merriam notes: “The reaction to Kelo has chilled the will of government to use eminent domain for private economic development.”

Basically, in the wake of a single U.S. Supreme Court decision, there have been 42 state reforms, 2 state supreme court decisions, thousands of activists, and a failed redevelopment project in New London, Conn.-all of this in spite of the powerful proponents of eminent domain in local government and the development community.

(Photo from Saturday’s Kelo House Ribbon-Cutting)