Friday Varia

not-for-sale-sign.gifPennsylvania: Everyone’s celebrating “renovations” in Scranton…well, except for the businesses whose properties the city will seize because, in the words of one city official, they “chose [not] to participate.”

California: After settling with Victor Gudzunas, La Puente officials are “rethinking negotiations” with the developer. Of course, city officials said they needed Gudzunas’ property because it would “make or break” the development. Apparently not.

In somewhat positive news, the Vista city council cut 264 acres from a proposed 1,945-acre expansion of their redevelopment district. That takes out two residential neighborhoods, a commercial area, and a couple of rural properties but still leaves an increase of 1,681 acres, or a little over 2.5 square miles.

New York: Brooklyn activist Daniel Goldstein talks about impending doom for the Atlantic Yards Project. Maybe a little hasty on the death certificate; nevertheless, Forest City Ratner has a new project up the Hudson in New Rochelle — and, yes, city officials are saying they will use eminent domain if property owners in the 26-acre project area do not sell.

Connecticut: A local newstation in Hartford discovers that in New London “where homes once stood, the land is now barren.”