In more positive news…

New York: Despite characterizing the neighborhood as “rat-infested” and expressing its desire that property owners move, the New York Sun’s editorial board would like to see the U.S. Supreme Court use Atlantic Yards do to some back-tracking on Kelo. Meanwhile the Courier-Post out of Cherry Hill, N.J., is much more straightforward in its desire to see the U.S. Supreme Court “rule again on the legality” of eminent domain for private economic benefit.

New Jersey: Also from the Courier-Post, Haddon Township Commissioners passed an ordinance banning the use of eminent domain for private economic benefit. It seems eminent domain will grandfathered in for existing project, but that the township will be reevaluating whether areas currently designated as “in need of redevelopment” are actually in need of redevelopment.

Missouri: The St. Charles city council removed the “blight” label from the north end of the Frenchtown neighborhood. The designation, designed to attract developers via the availability of tax breaks, failed to attract developers.

Mississippi: The Mayor of Jackson used his veto power to bar the Jackson Redevlopment Authority from being able use eminent domain on owner-occupied residential properties wanted by Jackson State University for its private development projects. Although it’s a public university, Jackson State’s plans are designed for economic benefit. Also, the university president apologized to residents for trying to push a “quick-take” bill through the state legislature.