Current Scheming in California

La Puente: The San Gabriel Valley Tribune profiles Victor Gudzunas, who says local officials have “ripped [his] heart out” through their insatiable desire for his property.

San Diego: There are four planned developments in the Mission Gorge area. The Grantville neighborhood was declared “blighted” in 2005. Opinions range from that of a city official (“Grantville is so blighted it’s not even funny”) to that of local veterinarian Brian Peterson (“This just is what it is, a business area…It’s just obviously not blighted.”)

San Diego: The Southeastern Economic Development Corporation has resurrected a plan to expand a redevelopment district that would span Logan Heights and other neighborhoods in the city. If you live in the affected area, now is your chance to challenge the plan.

Vista: The city is planning on doubling the size of its 2,106 acre redevelopment area. As the North County Times advises, it’s worth watching if you’re a Californian, but if you live in Vista it’s time to get involved. Should the plan be approved with full eminent domain power, residents won’t be able to challenge the plan for at least another decade.

Finally, a poll conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California has found that a large majority of Californians (71%) think eminent domain powers in the state need to be changed. The poll also gauged voters’ feelings about the two ballot initiatives. For our analysis of the ballot initiatives, see California Scheming.