Clarksville homeowners to City Council: Hands Off My Home!


Rally.jpgOn March 20, the Clarksville Property Rights Coalition and Castle Coalition held a rally before a “public hearing” on a proposal to designate over 1,000 acres of private property for redevelopment in Clarksville, Tennessee.

While the rally was lively, the “hearing” was quiet. Only two people spoke: a representative from Knoxville touting the benefits of redevelopment, and a rep from the Downtown District Partnership, the group spearheading the effort.

The public was instructed to submit their comments and questions in writing.

CPRC has been leading the fight to stop this massive, ill-conceived plan, which the city passed last year without notifying all the affected property owners. They are now re-considering an “amended” version to replace it.

Apparently they did notify all property owners this time around, but forgot to count – at least 50 people weren’t allowed inside. The cafeteria couldn’t accomodate those the city itself invited.

But it’s not like they were going to be heard anyway, right?

Clarksville Mayor Johnny Piper has since introduced new amendments, which would tighten up the requirements properties must meet in order to be condemned for private development. While the new plan is a minor improvement over the carte blanche granted by the previous proposal, Clarksville’s homes and small businesses are still up for grabs.