The Save Ardmore Coalition wins another award.

Last August, I wrote about the exemplary grassroots group, the Save Ardmore Coalition. Last year, they were recognized by their former opponents for the invaluable contribution they have made to the community in Pennsylvania’s Lower Merion Township.

Now, they are being honored by the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia. From SAC’s press release:

We are, as a group, proud and honored to announce we are a 2008 group recipient of a 2008 Preservation Achievement Award in the category of “Community Action Awards” from the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia!

When a group like the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia honors us, it further cements our resolve that we must be doing something right! We are also honored to be in the company of our fellow 2008 award recipients.

SAC’s continued presence and contribution to the community demonstrates the lasting impact a grassroots organization formed to confront the threat of eminent domain abuse.

For more background check our SAC’s website or read SAC VP Carla Zambelli’s dispatch from the Correspondents’ Corner.

SAC Rally and Painted Sign on Wall.jpg