City council overrides mayor's veto to establish redevelopment authority

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports on the struggle between the mayor and city council of Monroeville, Pa. The mayor vetoed an ordinance that would establish a redevelopment authority in the city and this week, the city council overrode the veto. Here is the mayor’s defense of his veto:

“The government of Monroeville has all the same powers of a redevelopment authority, except the ability to finance projects. Therefore, any of the solutions or powers that a redevelopment authority can use, council can use,” Mr. Lomeo said, reading from a prepared statement.

“It is my opinion, though some might disagree, that the ordinance’s attempt to change or restrict the powers of the redevelopment authority has no basis in law. Pennsylvania has a redevelopment authority law, which empowers certain municipalities to form authorities.

“The law states the powers of the authority and Monroeville council cannot subtract the items they may find objectionable. We, as a local government, have no power to override any state law.

“My third objection is that there is a better way to attract businesses to Monroeville. Monroeville has to review and revise its tax structure.”