Doomsday? No Way!

doomsdayLG.jpgFrom the release of the latest Institute for Justice study, Doomsday? No Way: Economic Trends and Post-Kelo Eminent Domain Reform:

Despite doomsday predictions from eminent domain apologists, such as former Riviera Beach, Fla., Mayor Michael Brown, who said, “[I]f we don’t use this power, cities will die,” states, like Florida, which passed some of the strongest reforms limiting government’s power of eminent domain, saw no ill economic effect from reform compared to states that failed to enact reform. The same was also true when comparing data before and after reform.

“Simply stated, the results bear no resemblance to the self-serving predictions of eminent domain abusers,” said Dick Carpenter, director of strategic research for the Institute for Justice. “The data reveal that post-Kelo reforms have provided greater protection to homes and small businesses without sacrificing economic health; securing property rights and stimulating economic development can coexist. With no ill economic effects—and with the substantial benefits strong reform provides the rightful owners of property and society as a whole—legislators nationwide should be encouraged to keep good reforms in place while pursuing new and stronger safeguards against eminent domain abuse.”