Protesting eminent domain in Glassboro, N.J.

A good article from The Gloucester County Times on Saturday’s protest in Glassboro:

Arifi, 77, said the stress he has experienced over the matter has adversely affected his health.

“You are destroying my health. Destroying my everything,” Arifi said.

It is believed up to $100 million in tax revenue would be gained from the Rowan Boulevard redevelopment project. Currently the properties in the redevelopment zone bring in $200,000 in tax dollars yearly.

Prior to the meeting, Morales said he’s afraid if the project falls through, residents of Glassboro will be left to foot the bill. Even worse, it could set a precedent that would go beyond Glassboro’s 9 square miles.

“It’s Mr. Arifi’s house today, but it could be anybody in Glassboro anybody in Gloucester County, tomorrow,” Morales said.

Local resident, Eric Morales, organized Glassboro United only a few months ago. He and fellow residents face the formidable task of staving off the threat to their properties from the united efforts of Glassboro city officials and officials from Rowan University. So far, Morales has good reason to worry about the failure of the project, as none of Glassboro’s redevelopment efforts have had much success.