Keeping watch…

Despite legislative reform in 42 states over the past two years, the effects of the Kelo decision are still felt across the country as local governments, large and small, seek to grab land from their own citizens all for the sake of higher tax revenue.

Every day, we find story after story every day about yet another group of homeowners or small business owners threatened with condemnation so that local officials can hand property over to developers.

The number of situations out there make it difficult to give the attention each one deserves, but CastleWatch Daily will make it easier for people to be aware of the eminent domain situations not only in their own neighborhood but also across the country.

So, every day, we’ll share what we find in the news across the country with some occasionally entertaining commentary. And if there’s something we’ve missed, email us at

As time moves forward, we’ll have other exclusive web content, including guest commentary from others at the Institute for Justice, who will provide even more insight into eminent domain abuse and the state of property rights in the United States.