Deadline to abolish redevelopment agencies looming

In the aftermath of the California Supreme Court ’s recent ruling that upheld the legislature’s elimination of redevelopment agencies, eminent domain abusers are reticent to relinquish their power.

The court’s decision directed the nearly 400 redevelopment agencies to close up shop by February 1, 2012.  It should come as no surprise that local bureaucrats across the state are fighting to extend the deadline.  The California Redevelopment Association is lobbying legislators to pass Senate Bill 659, which would extend the deadline to April 15, 2012.

The fight to protect property owners in California from abusive government power is not over yet!  This next chapter will surely test the resolve of state legislators to abolish these out-of-control agencies.

Property owners across California are invited to attend a rally at the California Capitol on March 7 at 12:00pm.  More details forthcoming—check the Castle Coalition site for updates.

For a detailed look at eminent domain abuse in California, check out California Scheming: What Every Californian Should Know About Eminent Domain Abuse.  To learn how to encourage development without the use of eminent domain, read Simplify, Don’t Subsidize: The Right Way to Support Private Development.