Glassboro group seeks to battle eminent domain

Fifteen residents have formed Glassboro United, a loosely knit citizens’ group with the initial intent to help residents protect themselves from being forced to sell their property through eminent domain to make way for redevelopment.

Auto shop owner still fighting council

Businessman Ed Osborne told City Council on Thursday he has found the smoking gun in his quest to prove that a possible attempt by the city to take his property using eminent domain would be illegal.

Delays stall buyouts for Richmond Heights neighbors

“All we do is wait, we have waited for years,” said Carolyn Troupe, a longtime resident. “Our lives are on hold. How do you make plans?”

Proposed develoment in B.P. raises concerns

Baldwin Park is currently in an exclusive negotiating agreement with Bisno Development Co. for what could be a multi-million dollar face-lift of 125 acres of the city’s main commercial corridor, along Maine Avenue and Ramona Boulevard.

Sugar Creek gets warning over condemnation prospects

A national public interest law firm is threatening Sugar Creek with legal action if the city does not abandon “eminent domain” in its efforts to acquire properties for private development.

Sugarland picks up steam

Early Monday morning, Scott Bullock, senior attorney for the Institute of Justice, a nonprofit, sent Martinovich a letter asking the city to remove eminent domain authority from Ordinance 3149, the tax increment financing agreement between the city and JLP Sugarland, the developer of the project.