Council OKs expanding redevelopment area

The Vista City Council yesterday approved a plan to nearly double the size of the city’s redevelopment areas, including commercial corridors and the Townsite neighborhood.

Eminent domain abuse described by Annual Meeting speaker

Eminent domain abuse is a top priority among farmers and ranchers and was addressed during the California Farm Bureau Federation’s 89th Annual Meeting by Castle Coalition Director Steven Anderson.

Rosemount makes deal with landowner, but is it fair?

After threatening to condemn the last parcel of land needed for their downtown revitalization plans, Rosemount officials instead approved a deal to buy the half-acre property from veterinarian Kurt Hansen.

Fresno's eminent domain hot issue

“This would make us the poster child for bad eminent-domain use,” said Council Member Brian Calhoun. “I don’t want to defend that kind of action. And all for Donald Trump? Hell no.”

Save Lincoln Square!

Trust me, Ald. Eugene Schulter says. Just because there’s a plan out there that could turn Lincoln Square into another homogenized pit of yuppiedom on the North Side, that doesn’t mean it will.,CST-NWS-hoods07.article

Lincoln Square vision not shared

Four years ago, Tim and Kim Van Le, immigrants from Vietnam, decided to take a stab at the American dream: They bought a large showroom on North Western Avenue in the Lincoln Square community, fixed it up and opened Decorium Furniture.,0,4697004.story

Residents plan fight against 'blight'

Months after City Council gave it final approval, the spotlight on the Clarksville Center Redevelopment Plan seems to have only brightened.

Halt the abuse of "taking" law

Healy’s view notwithstanding, New Jersey’s eminent domain law is indeed broken. Lawmakers who complain about the courts overstepping their bounds and forcing bad policy on the state need to fix what is badly in need of fixing – and not depend on a succession of court rulings to do it for them.

Eminent domain worries

City officials called the meeting to get public input on proposed development around the Duarte Gold Line station, due to open in 2011. Instead, an overflow crowd showed up with one question on its collective mind: Would the city use eminent domain to take their homes to make room for the 20-acre development?

Aldermen: Ozark homes to remain blighted area

Forty-seven acres in downtown Ozark will remain blighted after a small group of residents opposed to the designation withdrew their request to have the area “non-blighted.”