Redevelopment: A Tale of Two Cities

The City of Los Angeles used eminent domain to take a popular Hollywood bar and numerous other small businesses so that the city could hand the land over to private developers planning to build a W hotel and million-dollar condos. Fortunately, there’s a better way to revitalize neighborhoods.

Willets Point business owners accuse city of empty promises on development

The city’s ambitious plan for Willets Point, the bleak industrial zone in Queens, envisions a gleaming new commercial development to replace the chop shops and warehouses. But a growing chorus of ­discontent is rising among business owners there who accuse city officials of making empty promises.

Trump demands eminent domain

Just days after a deal between Fresno and Donald Trump to revive the bankrupt Running Horse golf course development was declared dead, Trump has given the city a new ultimatum — use its eminent domain power or he’s out.

Condo-commercial proposal may require eminent domain

The city of Vista could consider using its eminent domain powers to help a developer acquire four parcels on North Santa Fe Avenue for an 8.9-acre residential and commercial project.

Columbia expansion opposed in heated hearing

Opponents and backers of Columbia’s planned expansion into Manhattanville took their fight to City Hall Wednesday in a packed and tense public hearing.,0,1387728.story

Schulter derails eminent domain

Alderman Eugene Schulter, 47th, backed down from a plan to condemn privately owned businesses on the 4800 block of North Western Avenue and hand them over to private developers–sort of.,SN-EminentDomainLatest-121207-s1.article

Finley River residents show courage

Castle Coalition members Dennis Sparrow and Jane Carpenter are respected nationally as property rights advocates, says Missouri’s Property Rights Czar