Gehry leaves Brooklyn megaproject

Late last week, the developer of Atlantic Yards, the massive insta-neighbourhood planned for downtown Brooklyn, confirmed the rumour that had been swirling since late last year: Frank Gehry is off the project. The move by Forest City Ratner is the construction-world equivalent of trying to save the patient by killing the patient.

Lawmakers approve eminent domain vote

Texas lawmakers have agreed to let voters statewide decide whether to place some limits on when governments can take private property.

TIF request is on a 'scale we've never seen before'

Developer Paul McKee is looking for the biggest handout ever given by City Hall. The St. Charles County developer submitted an application last week for hundreds of millions of dollars in public incentives to aid his NorthSide project…

Right time to reform redevelopment

…[G]iven that redevelopment agencies routinely abuse eminent domain, facilitate overdevelopment of shopping centers and impose low-income subsidized housing on cities. It's time to take a close look at the redevelopment game.

City to begin eminent domain process at Willets Point

The city will formally kick off plans to seize control of the remaining privately-owned land at Willets Point this June, officials at the Economic Development Corp. said Wednesday.

North side residents wary of McKee's plan

Williams worries she will get bought out soon, too, and lose her store to eminent domain. McKee has said he won't use that blunt and expensive tool to displace many residents, but Williams notes that he didn't say the same about businesses.

St. Louis neighborhood could see $5.4B development

“We will not use eminent domain to take your house to build somebody else's house,” McKee said. But he said he would pursue eminent domain if it would lead to substantial job creation.

Dispute over plan to restore Speedway

There are big plans to renovate the area around the Speedway. They call for rerouted streets, roundabouts, and new shopping. But the owners of one business are resisting part of that plan.