Mass. proposal would make it harder to seize homes

It’s been four years since the nation’s highest court ruled in a Connecticut case that cities may bulldoze people’s homes to make way for shopping malls. Now, some Massachusetts lawmakers want to toughen protections for homeowners.

Baltimore Council moves to slow quick-takes

Benjamin Baylor, an auto repairman from East Baltimore, found out just a few weeks ago that the city planned to seize part of his property with the controversial “quick-take” method of condemnation, pay him $12,000 for it and use it as part of the $1.8 billion East Side revitalization project.

Eminent domain protests at Willets Point

Ralph St. John, owner of St. John Enterprises Incorporated, has worked in Willets Point for 36 years. Before starting his business, he did not know how to read and write, but he is well aware that eminent domain is threatening to take away his business and his livelihood.

Ordinance would limit use of eminent domain

NEPTUNE — An ordinance that would restrict the township's exercise of its powers of eminent domain was introduced at Monday's Township Committee meeting.

City set to take family's land

Employing a rarely used provision of city code, Milwaukee officials are poised to take two commercial lots from one owner and then sell them to another developer who has made campaign contributions to a key alderman.

Ag groups say more eminent domain reform needed

Texas farm and ranch groups are glad lawmakers have taken steps to revisit eminent domain law but say it’s “nowhere near” what’s needed in a state where most land is privately held.