California Scheming

What Every Californian Should Know
About Eminent Domain Abuse 


 This latest Institute for Justice report, "California Scheming:  What Every Californian Should Know About Eminent Domain Abuse," which summarizes the legal history and areas of contention within California's eminent domain laws as well as previous reports and studies available on the issue of eminent domain in California, can serve as a resource for anyone who hopes to see things improve in California.  Even though the laws that govern redevelopment and eminent domain procedures are extremely important for anyone who owns a home or small business or farm or any other piece of property in the state "and who wishes to protect what they rightfully own" California's redevelopment laws are vague and open to manipulation by those who seek to abuse the power of eminent domain for private gain.  Despite disappointing reform measures and the continued abuse of eminent domain, California has a few bright spots that can help lead not only to future reform but also to a new perspective on the concept of urban redevelopment.

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Press Release: Despite 2006 Reforms, New Report Demonstrates California Desperately Needs Eminent Domain Reform (March 10, 2008)