Report Exposes 120 Failed Redevelopment Projects in California

The Los Angeles Times reported this weekend that over a hundred “affordable housing” projects promised by California politicians have failed to come to fruition.  On the heels of Bruce Ratner’s announcement last week that he is reneging on his promise to build affordable housing in Atlantic Yards, this report should come as no surprise to Castle Coalition members.  

Visit here for the Time’s full, in-depth story of redevelopment wrecks across California.  Also, don’t forget to check out the Castle Coalition’s own documentation of twenty failed redevelopment projects across the country, available here.

FORT WORTH: Eminent Domain Activist Workshop on June 15

The Institute for Justice, Foundation for a Free Society
and invite you to a free
eminent domain activist workshop on

Tuesday, June 15
6 – 9 pm
Billy Miner’s Saloon
150 West 3rd Street • Fort Worth
Free dinner and materials will be provided.

Fort Worth officials want to redirect the Trinity River to form a lake to the north of the city for “flood control”…and to build new retail, office and residential development on the valuable waterfront land the lake would create. The project threatens dozens of business owners, whose property the government wants to lease or sell to future private developers.

Eminent domain is for public use—NOT to seize the property you’ve worked so hard to own so someone the city likes better can build something newer.

Join us on June 15th to learn about eminent domain abuse in Texas and what you can do to fight the Trinity Uptown Project and help business owners keep what is rightfully theirs.


PLEASE REGISTER by June 13th by contacting Lancee Kurcab at or (703) 682-9320.

Billionaires vs. Brooklyn

Freddy’s Bar, voted one of the city’s best bars by Village Voice, Esquire, and The New York Times, is in the way of Bruce Ratner’s wrecking ball.

The loyal patrons and employees of Freddy’s will not go down without a fight. Check out this latest video by Reason TV to see why!