Businesses Around Speedway Still Living Under Threat of Eminent Domain

Property owners around the Indianapolis Speedway are still living in fear of losing their businesses. Tony George’s abrupt departure as Speedway’s CEO this summer has left the proposed redevelopment plan without a champion. Sensing the expensive struggle ahead if they proceed with eminent domain to “redevelop” the area, city officials have been quiet the past few months, hoping that businesses owners will forget about the threat hanging over their property.

But the businesses are suffering in the silence. They are leery of investing more money into their businesses if the possibility of eminent domain remains. As a result, business owners are choosing to forgo storefront updates or interior remodeling meant to attract new customers. In these economic times, businesses are already struggling to survive. They don’t need the city making it even more difficult to earn a living.

Despite the city’s recent lack of action on the subject, property owners in the area must maintain their vigilance. It is an inactive and unengaged community that falls prey to the schemes of government officials.