Del. Governor vetoes eminent domain reform bill

Gov. Ruth Ann Minner had until Saturday to decide what to do with the eminent domain reform bill, which the House passed unanimously and the Senate passed with only one “no” vote. And Saturday she vetoed it.
Her reasoning? The bill might make it more difficult for the state to get easements on private property for “beach preservation or other purposes,” according to the Wilmington News Journal–this, even though the bill leaves intact governments’ ability to take land for traditional public uses. So, it seems vaguely bogus.

The reason the state legislature passed the bill so quickly was to give them time to make changes should just this happen. The current legislative session ends today, so the fact that Gov. Minner waited until the last minute to veto the bill is particularly galling for supporters of the bill.
However, Ed Osborne, the Wilmington auto shop owner threatened with eminent domain abuse, is calling for supporters to rally at the steps of Dover’s Legislative Hall today at 5 pm.