This Week in New Jersey

New-Jersey-ed-abuse.gifNew Jersey has dominated the eminent domain news this week. Given that the state has not yet reformed its eminent domain laws and still has some of the most lax standards for using eminent domain, it’s not all that surprising.

  • The city of Bayonne selected a developer for its downtown redevelopment last month. Plans call for a “mixed-use transit village.” There are 17 private properties in redevelopment zone and the mayor has said city officials “don’t anticipate using eminent domain,” which isn’t exactly reassuring.
  • Events in Edison should remind property owners that it’s never too early to get involved in your local government’s planning process. Officials in Edison Township are considering creating an independent redevelopment agency. The Edison / Metuchen Sentinel cautions township officials that they could be “unleashing a Frankenstein’s monster upon the residents” if the agency’s powers, including that of eminent domain, aren’t scaled back.