Recent eminent domain news

Illinois: Ben Joravsky of the Chicago Reader has a lengthy piece on the Ogden/Pulaski TIF plan. The number of properties on the acquisition list have been reduced dramatically, but residents are still suspicious since the budget remains $10 million.

Minnesota: Successful small business owners in suburban Minneapolis are waiting to find out if the town of Eagan can use “quick-take” eminent domain for a redevelopment project.

Mississippi: Jackson State University wanted to play developer–and not for campus facilities but for mixed use development. The Miss. state House said no.

New Jersey: Local officials in the state have a tendency to award development contracts to campaign contributors. Haddon Township may be trying to limit that. It seems, however, that officials have already distributed various rewards.

New Jersey: Last year, Union said it wouldn’t use eminent domain in its redevelopment plans. Residents are still concerned.

New York: The Times Ledger in Queens looks at the united opposition against New York City’s Willets Point redevelopment project.