More on the protest in Glassboro

New-Jersey-ed-abuse.gifThe Courier Post‘s article on Saturday’s protest highlights the support of eminent domain victims from outside of Glassboro supporting Citizens United:

Not everyone who protested was from Glassboro.

“This is a foreign invasion,” said Dorothy Argyros, who lost her home in Monmouth County to eminent domain in 2004. “Losing your home or your business, which is your place of safety, is the next worse thing to losing your life.”

Pitman resident Patricia Ritter and her family participated in the demonstration to show solidarity with Glassboro United.

“We can’t believe that this could happen in Glassboro,” said Ritter. “I’m surprised that they would uproot this man from his house and his life — not to make a road or to put in a hospital — but to be used as a business by someone else.”

The demonstrators’ signs and banners drew honks of support and thumbs up from motorists passing by.

Eric Morales, the organizer of the protest, also received additional support and encouragement in the form of a phone call from Ed Osborne, the Wilmington, Del., business owner threatened by the Christina Landing development.